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Welcome to Kecskemét Farm!!

Kecskemet Farm - the girls

Kecskemét is our little family farm. We have a small herd of purebred Nubian Dairy goats and 2 purebred Toggenburg does. We strive for good dispositions, correct conformation and plenty of milk in the bucket.

Our herd pleases and delights us every day with their sweet dispositions and their hardworking natures.

We like to get them out to some shows every year and try to attend a number of ADGA and 4-H shows in the summer in NY, MA, VT, CT and NH.

  • CAE free (tested the does and bucks April – 2013) - practice CAE prevention - always negative
  • Members of ADGA and INBA
  • are on the ADGA linear appraisal program and DHIR
  • enjoy making cheese and yogurt for friends and family
  • make and sell goat’s milk soap
  • work hard to ensure that all kids are healthy, grow well, and are people oriented
  • located in Granby, Ct.
  • offer group purchase discounts and for 4-H projects

Kecskemét, pronounced Ketch’ ka mate, is also a lovely city in Hungary, famous for their Magyar horses and Kodaly Music Institute. And the name translates to mean Goat City. Since my husband was born in Hungary, we have a keen interest in music and horses as well as goats, and live on Hungary Road, it just had to be our farm and herd name.

I am in love with our sweet Toggs, Lillian and Galatea, more than ever! They are so sweet and are from the Marilyn Burgess-Goodridge, Whispering Hope and Robla’s herds that have those marvelous top ten Toggs.

DHIR has really been working for us. It has provided great data on our milk production and is helping in our decision making.

We decided to start testing the herd for G6S last year. G6S is a genetic defect that affects a percentage of dairy goats and that a test has been developed for. Many breeders have tested their herds and some results are published on Nubian Talk. We tested a few animals last year with results all Normal/Negative. We completed the G6S testing this year for all the adult animals that had not been tested.

Our herd results are all Normal/Negative. All our kids and future kids will be Negative/Normal, too.

We have 3 herd sires this year.

*B Kastedemur’s Ferocity is our most senior herdsire, and he did breed a couple does but we wanted to test out the younger bucks this year. We have a number of his does retained in our herd.

Our junior herd sire, *B Blissberry MW Steel Drum, dam Blissberry C Kokomo, sire Kastdemur’s Most Wanted has serviced most of our does this fall. He is a beautiful boy and we are so excited about the 2015 kids. We absolutely loved all his offspring so far.

CH Kecskemet F Thelonius has also had his way with the ladies and was our choice for some of our more senior does this fall. Can hardly wait for these offspring!

Kecskemet Farm - Eva and Isis

Prices do not include ADGA registration fee, any cost to obtain health papers, or to run tests that a buyer requests. These costs are in addition to the price listed for each kid. We do offer discounts for group purchase and 4-H projects.

We believe strongly in the 4-H program, including leasing to a couple of kids each year for projects and offering a discount on sale kids for 4-H projects. We are at our level for 4-H ers – no openings for 2015. Eva has aged out of 4-H – Graduated from College! But here she is when Isis was her 4-H showmanship goat, at the Hartford County 4-H Fair show.

Prices listed may change, although a reservation will guarantee the price.
There is a $75 deposit on kid reservations.

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